Nancy & Frank Sinatra – Something Stupid

For the most wonderful womaN …. its not grace Kelly   ;)


I’ve grown accustomed to her/his face

… every day, every hour, every second …

*  *  *


The Song, The Piano Solo, The Musical (Original) Version & The Fabulous Pat Suzuki AKA Chibi AKA Miss Pony Tail Version


I don’t fall in Love that easily … I’ve never felt such Love before
So without borders, You thrill me to the deepest of my head, my heart, my …
I thought I raised my expectations so high … that no one could reach ’em
But You do it, every day once more
And I (could) cry every second because it’s so beautiful what You give me
What You are
I thank you so so, soooooooooo much …
And my only wish² is that You will find what You are looking for!!!


² besides world peace of course … ahhhhh fuck world peace!!!