Tin Hat Trio feat. Tom Waits – Helium Reprise


swing  meets  swag







Nelly Omar & Francisco Canaro – Desde el alma

Lyrics / Composer

* * *

Every Day …

… I want to see You, watch everything You do,

how You wake up … eating, searching, jumping, smiling, wondering

… I want to hear You, every adorable word that accrues from you,

the love You feel and the things You’re chiming

… I want to know, everything You know and do everything You do,

give You new & old things You can love too

… I want to make You happy every single minute,

share and explore everything with You … the infinite

… I want to feel You, hold You, dance with You, talk to you,

until a new day maintains the claim.

And yet You’ll leave me every single day, I will fall in love with You,

again again & again.

Oh my lovely hurricane …