Leoš Janáček

“With 63 years, Leoš Janáček met Kamila Stösslová, … who was to inspire him for the remaining years of his life. He conducted an obsessive and (on his side at least) passionate correspondence with her, of nearly 730 letters. From 1917 to 1919, deeply inspired by Stösslová, he composed The Diary of One Who Disappeared.
As he completed its final revision, he began his next ‘Kamila’ work, the opera
Káťa Kabanová.”


“Intimate Letters”

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The Diary of One Who Disappeared . a BBC musical documentary



I’ve grown accustomed to her/his face

… every day, every hour, every second …

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The Song, The Piano Solo, The Musical (Original) Version & The Fabulous Pat Suzuki AKA Chibi AKA Miss Pony Tail Version


I don’t fall in Love that easily … I’ve never felt such Love before
So without borders, You thrill me to the deepest of my head, my heart, my …
I thought I raised my expectations so high … that no one could reach ’em
But You do it, every day once more
And I (could) cry every second because it’s so beautiful what You give me
What You are
I thank you so so, soooooooooo much …
And my only wish² is that You will find what You are looking for!!!


² besides world peace of course … ahhhhh fuck world peace!!!