Claude Debussy – Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune

The Symphonic Poem




Leonard Bernstein Version


Dance Version



Claude Debussy – La Damoiselle Elue

One of my fave conductors, performing one of my fave composers … on one of my fave days … thank you so much & enjoy!

Inspired by the poem “The Blessed Damozel” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

* * *

There are some more songs inspired by Dante Rossetti … like this one by Ralph Vaughan Williams

Love Sight

“WHEN do I see thee most, beloved one?
When in the light the spirits of mine eyes
Before thy face, their altar, solemnize
The worship of that Love through thee made known?
Or when in the dusk hours, (we two alone,)

Close-kissed and eloquent of still replies
Thy twilight-hidden glimmering visage lies,
And my soul only sees thy soul its own?
O love, my love! if I no more should see
Thyself, nor on the earth the shadow of thee,

Nor image of thine eyes in any spring,—
How then should sound upon Life’s darkening slope
The ground-whirl of the perished leaves of Hope,
The wind of Death’s imperishable wing?”

Claude Debussy – La Fille aux cheveux de lin [instrumental week]

“Do not say no, cruel maiden.
Do not say yes. Better to know
The long lasting gaze of your eyes
And your rosy lips, oh, my belle.

For, love, in clear summer sunlight,
Has soared with the lark and sung now.

Farewell, you deer, farewell you hares
And the red partridge. I want
To stroke the gold of your tresses
Smothering lips with my kisses.

For, love, in clear summer sunlight,
Has soared with the lark and sung now.”

* * *

“La fille aux cheveux de lin”

The poem in french/english/german.

Claude Debussy – Claire de lune

… contemporary masterpiece ^_^ (included here) Debussy composed just some of the most yearning stuff you can get. And i think its not just the yearning, its the beautiful way to put it at rest. To satisfy it … to feel love.

Here’s a part of the wonderful scene from Frankie & Johnny with the adorable Michelle Pfeiffer & Al Pacino

… and a piano only version, enjoy!

… and this is … so so good :)