You made me love you

Judy Garland


Doris Day


Aretha Franklin




Leoš Janáček

“With 63 years, Leoš Janáček met Kamila Stösslová, … who was to inspire him for the remaining years of his life. He conducted an obsessive and (on his side at least) passionate correspondence with her, of nearly 730 letters. From 1917 to 1919, deeply inspired by Stösslová, he composed The Diary of One Who Disappeared.
As he completed its final revision, he began his next ‘Kamila’ work, the opera
Káťa Kabanová.”


“Intimate Letters”

* * *

The Diary of One Who Disappeared . a BBC musical documentary



Nelly Omar & Francisco Canaro – Desde el alma

Lyrics / Composer

* * *

Every Day …

… I want to see You, watch everything You do,

how You wake up … eating, searching, jumping, smiling, wondering

… I want to hear You, every adorable word that accrues from you,

the love You feel and the things You’re chiming

… I want to know, everything You know and do everything You do,

give You new & old things You can love too

… I want to make You happy every single minute,

share and explore everything with You … the infinite

… I want to feel You, hold You, dance with You, talk to you,

until a new day maintains the claim.

And yet You’ll leave me every single day, I will fall in love with You,

again again & again.

Oh my lovely hurricane …